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In the last few weeks i have seen several posts about cyberdecks. Either people were presenting their builds, people discussing about the meta of cyberdecks and the big question/debate where cyberdecks originate from.

All this talk has created an itch for me to not only build my own cyberdeck but to also document the process in several blog posts on here.

A quick warning: Even though a cyberdeck is not that hard to build this series will take a long time since my free-time is pretty limited and i am not able to work on it for long periods of time.

With that out of the way, let's talk a bit about what cyberdecks are and where they originate from.


Two days ago i wrote a post on fosstodon about how i am rethinking my hosting setup. Since i was quite limited on the character count, i am writing a small post to explain my thought process and the rationale behind my decisions.